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Volunteer as an Item Writer

Thank you for your interest in PNCB item writing!

PNCB’s call-for-applications is currently closed.

Let us know you’re interested in item writing anytime via our volunteer survey – you will be among the first to know when future item writing opportunities are available.

Graphic explaining the dates, format, and credential needs for each training
  • CPNs and PMHSs: See a sample workshop agenda here
  • CPNP-ACs and CPNP-PCs: See a sample schedule for self-paced training activities here



Professional Qualifications:

  • Work at least 20 clinical practice hours per week related to the PNCB credential you hold and/or through oversight of students in a clinical setting
  • Cannot be an author of or contributor to exam preparation or review materials (e.g., books, online modules, review courses)
  • May hold faculty positions
  • Review the full role description for the PNCB item writer here



Step 1 banner reading Learn the Basics

Learn about item writing basics (mandatory) to prepare for writing the question you'll submit with your application.

Step 2 banner reading Find Your Reference

Locate a PNCB-approved reference (for the exam you will write for) to use for your question. 

  • You’ll need to provide a reference citation to support your question.
  • Find your credential's reference list here: CPN, CPNP-AC, CPNP-PC, PMHS
Step 3 banner reading Use the Content Outline

Review the Exam’s Content Outline and begin developing ideas for a question, being sure to also consult the selected reference.

Step 4 banner reading Write 1 Question

Write 1 question to submit in your online application. Be sure to apply what you learned in Step 1 to polish your final version. 

Step 5 banner reading Prep Your Resume or CV

Confirm your resume/CV is current (submission required with application).

Step 6 banner reading Apply by June 30th


PNCB’s call-for-applications is currently closed. PNCB WILL NOTIFY APPLICANTS OF ACCEPTANCE BY MID-AUGUST. A diverse group of selectees from around the country will be chosen based on demonstrated ability to apply basic item writing concepts.



You’ll be sent details about your training: 

  • For the in-person workshop, participants will receive email instructions about arranging travel, pre-workshop activities to jump-start your item writing, and final travel/lodging details.
  • For the self-paced training, participants will receive a schedule of monthly activities for this independent learning experience.

After completing item writer training:

  • A final assignment of 6 additional items is due by December 1, 2022.
  • You’ll receive an annual item writing assignment of similar size during your term of service



  • Item Writers taking the Self-Paced training will receive 1 new PNCB-approved textbook (one-time issuance) to use for your item writing. (Item writers taking the in-person workshop will have textbooks available for use at the workshop.)
  • Contact hours awarded annually for each assignment meeting the standard
  • Resumé enhancement
  • Rewarding collaboration
  • Receive expert mentoring
  • Refinement of your writing skills
  • Letter of Recognition to your employer, by request
  • Potential to join other PNCB committees (e.g., Exam, Pediatric Updates


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