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Journal Club CE

PNCB's affordable article-based CE modules offer a case-based approach to learning. Support your practice and patients with self-paced journal club style modules. Great for students too. More titles coming soon! 


Heart with hands wrapped around

Self-Compassion Training for Pediatric Nurses
An adolescent whose birth gender is female but who identifies as male comes to your practice with complaints of anxiety related to being excluded and bullied by his peers. Do you know what steps to take to support this patient. 2.0 contact hours. Learn more>>



The Adolescent in Room 3: Integration of Mental Health in Primary Care
Adolescent emotional wellness is at a crisis point. Timely screening and assessment of mental health and substance abuse issues in primary care are key, but how can we better integrate this care—and ensure effectiveness? Explore a research initiative about designing a more effective approach to integrating mental health in primary care. Interviews of adolescents and their parents delivered insights into perceptions of privacy, communication, shared decision-making, and ease of access to care—all things to consider for your practice setting.  1.0 contact hour. Learn more >



Mother on phone, ignoring her children

The Child in Room 2: Adverse Effects of Parental Phubbing
Cell phones connect us to the world, but they have a dark side. Are you familiar with phone snubbing or “phubbing” and its impact on family relationships? Use this journal-based module to explore adverse effects, caregivers most at risk, and guidance on healthy patterns of technology use.  1.0 contact hour. Learn more >

Faces of Certification

PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the US and beyond. Share your photo today!

Tyneisha Orr, CPNP-PC Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha, NE
Amairani Jimenez, CPN Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii
Gia Nguyen, CPNP-AC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Arlington, VA
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