Reinstatement of Certification

Policies & Procedures

Reinstatement of Certification

Please read the two options below for the steps to regain certification. For questions, please contact


Option 1: Has your certification lapsed because you missed the deadline to recertify? 

Our reinstatement program provides a way for nurses who are lapsed CPNs, CPNPs, or PMHSs to regain their certification.

  • If you didn’t recertify by February 28th of the current year, your certification was lapsed effective March 1st.
  • Certifications must be reinstated within 18 months of lapsing.
  • This means you have until February 28th of the following year to reinstate. It’s best to reinstate your certification as soon as possible. If this time frame is missed, you must meet current exam eligibility requirements and retest to become certified again.
    • Tip! Do not wait until 2/28 to reinstate your certification because you will be required to meet the recertification requirements for the reinstatement year plus recertify for the current year. 
    • Tip! If you reinstate and recertify after 1/31, you will owe late enrollment fees for two years.
  • Here’s an example: 
    • You did not recertify for 2022 and your certification was lapsed. You waited until August 2023 (18 months later and at the end of the reinstatement period) to start the reinstatement process.  
      • You will first need to reinstate your certification by documenting recertification activity for the 2022 recertification program and pay your recertification, late, and reinstatement fees.
      • You will next need to recertify for your current year (2023) by documenting additional recertification activity by completing the online Recert application, and by paying your recertification and recertification late fees.
  • Each individual certification may be reinstated one time only.
  • Please review the CPN, CPNP or PMHS Request for Reinstatement for additional information.


Option 2: Has your certification lapsed due to an expired nursing license or an issue with your nursing license? You are required to notify PNCB of any issue with your license. This includes an expired license or a license that is probationary, suspended or revoked. Certifications are considered lapsed on the same day that your license expired or was subject to disciplinary action. You have 18 months from the date your certification lapsed to successfully reinstate your certification if you provide the following: 

  1. For CPN and CPNP certification, provide evidence of a current, active, and unencumbered RN license to For PMHS certification, provide evidence of a current, active and unencumbered APRN license to and
  2. Meet all requirements for recertification and submit payment, including any late fees. 

No exceptions are made to this policy.  

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