CPN Recertification

Certified Pediatric Nurse Renewal

What's required? When? And how much does it cost? Here we walk you through the Recert process so you maintain the CPN credential you worked hard to earn, like these CPNs at Children's of Alabama

CPN Recertification

2024 Recertification is now closed. Contact recert@pncb.org for questions about your Recert. 

All certification boards require a renewal or recertification process to document how you are maintaining competency in your practice. At PNCB, we call it “Recert” for short.

Certified Pediatric Nurses (CPNs) must recertify annually, so don’t miss out! Maintain the credentials that show employers, colleagues, patients, and the public that you are outstanding in your field.

Plan, track, and recertify your CPN every year using the details below and your PDF guide.

Planning to retire? Learn about retiring your credentialDid your certification expire? Learn about reinstatement.

Keep your license current, active, and unencumbered. You'll document US, Canadian, or US territory registered nurse licensure on the Recert application.

Update your PNCB account whenever you renew your license or change states. If your license is encumbered, email recert@pncb.org an explanation of why and send a copy of related board of nursing documentation.

To recertify, you must have completed 15 contact hours or PNCB-accepted equivalents. You will document these on an online application. See this chart for a quick overview.

There are many ways you can meet the annual 15-contact-hour requirement, including CE/CNE/CME hours, clinical practice work hours, Professional Practice Learning, academic credit, or teaching. You also have the choice of using PNCB's Record Review Year once per 7-year Recert tracking cycle.

You can also combine activities. It doesn't matter to PNCB which options you choose to earn the 15, as long as they meet PNCB’s acceptability policies. 

See your CPN Recert Guide for these acceptability policies and which contact hour agencies are recognized by PNCB. Activities must be relevant to pediatric nursing or professional development in nursing.

Hours from PALS, PEARS, Advanced or Basic Life Support courses can only count when earned from the initial course/certification, not a refresher course.

We offer free contact hours if you’re finding it difficult to meet the 15.

Your Recert Dashboard shows your current status and past activities. You can use your ReCErt Tracker to pre-populate activity on the Recert application and plan ahead.

CPNs recertify annually between November 1 and January 31 by submitting a quick online application. Allow 15 minutes for the application, and know which completed 15 hours of activity you want to document. If you earned more than 15 hours, you can save the “extra” for next year's Recert.

You choose the day to recertify. It can be a different day each year you recertify.

Avoid the late fee which is added if you wait to recertify between February 1 and 28. We send a postcard and several email Recert reminders to help you avoid the late fee.

Did you pass the CPN exam this calendar year? Congratulations! You won't need to recertify until the next calendar year.

We intentionally keep the CPN recertification fee low so nurses can easily budget for maintaining the credentials that recognize their excellence.

Ask your employer if they offer reimbursement or related benefits. Some employers use our No Pass, No Pay program to pay this fee for their nurses.

If you also hold CPNP certification, your CPN Recert application fee is discounted.

You will see onscreen confirmation that your application and payment have been received. You also get an email confirmation immediately afterwards.

Your online wallet card is updated within 15 minutes of your application submission.

All accredited boards are required to have a random audit. If you are selected for audit, we'll contact you with details to walk you through the user-friendly process. Be sure to keep copies of documentation, like CE certificates. If you submitted other types of activities, we'll tell you how to submit proof. For example, clinical practice is verified using a PNCB clinical practice hour verification form. Your CPN Recert Guide has more audit details.

See our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Reach out to recert@pncb.org any time of the year for the personalized guidance that sets us apart. We'll respond as quickly as possible during normal office hours (8:30am-5pm, Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, except holidays).

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