No Pass, No Pay

Support CPN testing with no risk and no minimums... and Recert fees too!

Nurses get 2 attempts per contract year to pass the CPN exam. If they don't pass on either attempt, PNCB absorbs the failed exam fees.

No Minimums!
PNCB does not require a minimum number of nurses testing per year for No Pass, No Pay participation.

No Pass, No Pay®

Support—and retain—more pediatric RNs with no financial risk! 

Award-winning No Pass, No Pay Certification Support Program offers stress free, no-risk support to help nurses and employers achieve goals.

PNCB's No Pass, No Pay program empowers nurses to confidently pursue the premier pediatric RN certification—Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)—by removing stress associated with exam fees. 

As an employer-paid certification support program, No Pass, No Pay equips your healthcare organization, no matter the setting, with a powerful tool to promote nurse confidence, elevate professional development, recruit the brightest, and retain the best.

The CPN credential validates a nurse’s expertise in caring for children, but it also reflects their unwavering commitment to holding the highest professional standards of care. CPNs use their certification to strengthen the health care organizations in which they work, contributing to improved patient satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Make an investment in transforming health care. Show nurses that you invest in their professionalism and potential. Demonstrate to families that certified nursing care is available for their child. 

Connect RNs to CPN Certification with No Financial Risk 

About the Program
PNCB's award-winning No Pass, No Pay certification support program offers stress free, no risk support to help nurses validate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in caring for pediatric patients by earning a CPN certification. 

Program Benefits are Crystal Clear
No Pass, No Pay is a powerful certification support system designed to strengthen pediatric patient care by increasing the number of highly skilled, certified nurses with the knowledge, specialization, mindset, and experience to provide the highest standards of patient care across all healthcare settings.

Enrolling in No Pass, No Pay is Easy
PNCB makes it easy for healthcare organizations to enroll and for nurses to apply. Email for the contract and guidance to answer common questions. 

Employer Contract Cost
None. There is no fee for employers to sign up to offer No Pass, No Pay. 

Program Costs: Employers Pay Only for Passed Exams
Participation in this program means that nurses are not burdened with the stress of paying for the CPN exam. Instead, they can focus on the more important task of studying. Employers pay only when a nurse passes their exam. Nurses get two attempts per year to pass PNCB’s coveted CPN exam (4 attempts max per nurse over time). If they don’t pass on either attempt, PNCB absorbs the failed exam fees.*

Get answers to common questions about No Pass, No Pay policies, best practices, and the benefits to your healthcare organization. 

Tools to Advocate for Participation

Justification Letter
Use this letter to ask your organization’s leaders to consider No Pass, No Pay program.

List of Participating Peer Health Care Organizations
Introduce your leaders to the participating hospitals and organizations that support their nurses  in advancing their professional development with CPN certification. 

Resources for Employers/Healthcare Organizations

Enroll to Support Your RNs' Certification Goals
PNCB is here to help you cultivate a successful program. Contact with any questions along the way!

Request the Contract
Healthcare organizations/employers can request the contract to participate and offer this important benefit institution wide. See the 3 easy steps to enroll. 

How do you manage and grow enrollment? Explore the steps for success including promoting the benefit and celebrating new CPNs. 

Support Recertification with No Pass, No Pay
Demonstrate you value their commitment to certification to high-quality patient care and self-improvement. Consider adding renewal fees to your program. You can choose to support renewal fees for CPNP-ACs and CPNP-PCs too! 

Toolkit to Encourage Testing and Celebrate Passing
Use our CPN Digital Resources Kit filled with flyers, greeting cards, and treat labels. Email for a mailing of other CPN promotional materials. 

* Cancelling a test appointment without rescheduling or not scheduling to test counts as one use of the code. If they do not show for their scheduled appointment ("no-show"), then they cannot use the code benefit again in the future.


How to Enroll

It’s easy! No minimum number of nurses testing per year is required. Your site can start any time of the year.

Get Started

How does No Pass, No Pay work? What are policies and best practices? Explore answers to FAQs by topic area.

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Next Steps after Joining

What happens after an employer joins No Pass, No Pay? Walk through the steps for a successful program.

Next Steps after Joining
Pay Recert Fees too?

Employers can add recertification fees to their contract for further support to RNs. Acute and Primary Care Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners can be added too.

No Pass, No Pay for Recert

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Tyneisha Orr, CPNP-PC Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha, NE
Amairani Jimenez, CPN Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii
Gia Nguyen, CPNP-AC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Arlington, VA
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