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CPNs celebrating their hospital's 2016 fundraiser to benefit their Peds/PICU floor remodel

100% Certified at St. Vincent Healthcare!

Bryana Reiter, RN, CPN is a Clinical Supervisor Pediatrics/PICU at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, Montana. But she's also a CPN Champion excited to share the story of her hospital's achievement of 100% CPN-certified. Of the 24 nurses eligible to become certified, all have taken the exam and passed!

"Our skill mix ranges from 2-year RNs to 35 years of pediatric experience," Bryana shares. "We do both general pediatrics (infants to late teenagers) and Pediatric ICU. I would say as a whole we all absolutely adore our jobs."

We feel a sense of professional accomplishment and pride to say we are 100% certified pediatric nurses.

"Our unit is family. We are pediatric nurses because we LOVE kids. I may be partial, but I feel like our team is a perfect example of how a peds unit should feel. We definitely have a sense of community with our patients and families. Montana is full of wide open spaces, and we have people who travel 5 to 6 hours to be admitted to our floor."

Bryana is very proud of her coworkers and the effort they put into becoming certified. "We feel a sense of professional accomplishment and pride to say we are 100% certified pediatric nurses. Certification was definitely assisted by our manger Amber Pisk and the senior leadership of St. Vincent's Healthcare. Without No Pass, No Pay, I’m not sure it would've been possible."

And the patients and caregivers make all the difference… "We would also say thank you to our families. We work long hours and are often times emotionally exhausted at the end of the day, and wouldn’t have it any other way."

PNCB congratulates Bryana, Amber, and their CPN-certified team on their amazing commitment!

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