Recognition for Nurses

Luncheons during special event weeks. Receptions to honor new CPNs... These are all great ways to support your staff and encourage others to seek certification. Below are more ideas for honoring certified staff. If you have additional thoughts to share, please email

New: Share Your Story in Video!

You're invited to talk about your personal journey to certification with a new Certified Nurses video sharing app from PNCB in collaboration with the National Certification Corporation (NCC) and other boards.

The Certified Nurses app is free through iTunes and Google Play. After you upload a video story, it will be shared on the video wall, social media, and on PNCB's website. Some of the shared stories will be edited into one cohesive message for a new recognition campaign: "Certification is Transformational".

How does being certified make a difference for you?
Download the app at iTunes or Google Play to talk about your story. Possible themes include:

The Wall of Distinction

Creating a PNCB Wall of Distinction tells your nurses that you value their commitment to certification and explains this important professional milestone to the public. For details on how to create your own Wall, or to see what others have done, see our Wall of Distinction webpage.

Share the News

Use our sample press release (Word) to announce newly Certified Pediatric Nurses in hospital newsletters or local papers.

Pinning Ceremonies

Nurses who achieve PNCB certification receive a free lapel displaying their credential. If you are planning an event to honor newly certified RNs, consider coordinating a pinning ceremony to acknowledge their achievement.

"5 or More" Hospital Recognition

Did you know that the PNCB recognizes healthcare facilities with five or more Certified Pediatric Nurses on staff? Hospitals achieving this distinction receive a certificate of recognition from the PNCB for the pursuit of excellence by their CPNs® and are welcome to share a photo of their PNCB-certified nurses for posting on our website. See the list>>

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The Faces of Certification

PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the U.S. and beyond.
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New! Share your story on video too.