Acute Care CPNP Exam Blackout Updates & Resources

News & FAQs about testing in 2019

Acute Care CPNP Exam Blackout Updates & Resources

PNCB is launching new CPNP-AC exam forms and therefore has implemented a testing blackout period which began Wednesday, February 13 and remains in effect. Please contact PNCB at with any questions. 


Candidate Information

  • Eligibility notification to schedule: Candidates with completed applications will be emailed updated next steps eligibility notification as it becomes available.
  • For New CPNP-AC Exam Candidates – OR – Candidates who had an Unsuccessful Attempt prior to 2/18/2019: Testing will resume in early August.
  • For Candidates who had an Unsuccessful Attempt within the April-May window (scores still pending): PNCB will promptly inform them when their next opportunity to test is determined.
  • Transcript not final? The 30-day transcript exception policies are still in effect.
  • Pass/fail status notification:
    • If you tested prior to the special window and are awaiting your official results email notification: The print-out or onscreen report you received at the testing center with your preliminary results is unofficial. Information about the release of results will be made available as soon as possible after PNCB’s score validation process.
    • For candidates testing in the new window: For the April 15 to May 5 testing window, PNCB started the score validation process after the testing window closed on May 5. We anticipate releasing exam results by email to these candidates in 6-8 weeks. 
  • Keep your prospective employers informed.


For questions not addressed below, please contact

A: “Transcript not final” exceptions are still bound by the official Board policy. If the final degree or certificate will be conferred within 30 days of graduation, then the student is not eligible for the “transcript not final” exception. See transcript not final policy infographic.

A: Each application will be reviewed for eligibility as quickly as possible. There will not be an expedited option.

A: For the April 15 - May 5 window, no. PNCB will release official results by email after score validation processes are complete. Future testers will receive an unofficial pass/fail notification onscreen at the Prometric test center. 

A: No. PNCB will start the score validation process after the testing window closes on May 5. The exams will be reviewed in aggregate. Official results will be emailed as soon as possible.

A: Yes. PNCB will give at least 6 months’ notice for a change in content outlines. A date for a new AC exam content outline has not been set.

A: We anticipate that 90-day eligibility windows will resume in late summer or early fall.

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