PNP Exam Eligibility Change

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners must successfully pass the certification exam within five years of graduation

PNP Exam Eligibility Change 

Do you know a PNP colleague or fellow student from the past who hasn't gotten certified yet? We need your help informing Pediatric Nurse Practitioners about a Pediatric Nursing Certification Board policy change that could impact them. Or perhaps this person is you. 

As a result of PNCB’s recent Continuing Competence and Strategic Plan initiatives related to advancing the competence of nursing professionals who care for children, a change is being made to the Acute and Primary Care Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner certification exams’ eligibility requirements.  

As of January 1, 2030, all CPNP-PC and CPNP-AC candidates must have graduated within five years from their PNP program that met the exam eligiblity criteria. Please use the information below as a guide. 

  • 2030 Exam Candidates Must Have Graduated No Earlier Than 1/1/2025.
  • 2031 Exam Candidates Must Have Graduated No Earlier Than 1/1/2026.
  • 2032 Exam Candidates Must Have Graduated No Earlier Than 1/1/2027.
  • 2033 Exam Candidates Must Have Graduated No Earlier Than 1/1/2028.

If you know a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who is not currently certified by PNCB, please share this important information and encourage them to contact us at

Thank you for your assistance, 
The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board

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