Verification of Certification

The PNCB provides official primary source Verification of Current Certification Status to employers and state boards of nursing*. Verification of current certification status will reflect the expiration date of the most recent certification renewal.

Please note: Upon your initial certification and each time you recertify, the PNCB provides a free verification to the state board of nursing* you provide to us as part of your application/enrollment process.

Order online verification of your certification here.

Are you an employer or agency? Order verifications online here.

Special Notes:

Need CPNP eligibility to sit for the exam or CPN Excelsior credit verification? Email to request these special types of verification.

Need Certified Pediatric Emergency Nursing (CPEN™) verification? Please call the PNCB at 888-641-2767 ext. 301 with your request.


Processing: After your online requests(s) and fee(s) are processed, we review the nurse's record then email official verification of certification to the agency or institution indicated. Please do not mail or fax any additional paperwork for your request, such as releases or state board of nursing forms. All employers and state boards accept our primary source verification of certification documentation without this additional paperwork.

For CPNPs - An electronic letter with the official PNCB seal will include the nurse's current certification status, the original date certification was earned, and the nurse's status in the PNCB's mandatory Recertification Program.*

*For verification after each time you recertify, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, New York, and Tennessee Boards of Nursing have asked to be excluded from this process. You may still request that verification be sent to these states by emailing

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