Verification of Certification

If you are certified and need PNCB official primary source verification of current certification status for employer, state board, legal, or other purposes, we can help!

Which verifications are free and automatic? When you first earn certification and each time you recertify, PNCB notifies the state board(s) of nursing you listed on your application/enrollment form for free.

Need official verification for work or other purposes beyond the free type above? For primary source verification, you will need to order verification here.

Are you an employer or agency? Order verifications online here.

Type of Verification 1st Verification to SBONs on Application Additional Verifications to SBONs To Employer or Third Party
Initial Certification Free $40 $40
Renewed Certification Free $40 $40
Eligibility to Test $40 $40 $40

PNCB accepts credit cards, electronic or paper checks.

Processing: After your online requests(s) and fee(s) are processed, we review your record then email official verification of certification to the third party indicated.

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