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PNCB / SPN 2016 Conference Scholarship

PNCB and the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) offer a joint scholarship for a Certified Pediatric Nurse to attend the annual SPN conference April 6-9, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida. PNCB and SPN are committed to increasing the knowledge base and enhancing the clinical, professional, and leadership development of CPNs. The selectee receives $700 for travel expenses from PNCB and complimentary registration from SPN. Apply by January 6>>

Online Child & Adolescent Mental Health Fellowship Discount

CPNPs and PMHSs receive a 10% discount on the cost of a well-respected self-paced online learning program from Ohio State University, Keep Yourself Strong and Secure (KySS). Visit nursing.osu.edu/kyss to learn more, and enter enrollment code: AcCELL=PNCB!2016 to receive your discount.

Promote Certification with Free Materials

Planning a certification fair or just want to share information about PNCB certification? We've got the materials you need! Request free materials and giveaways.

Need Your Lapel Pin?

PNCB provides a new or replacement lapel pin to certificants at no cost. Get your pin today!

New Pediatric Updates

Check out the newest Pediatric Updates modules! Acute Care: Endocrine/Renal, and Pharmacology: Hematology & Rheumatology are now available. Explore all modules>>

The Campaign for Pediatric Nursing

Encourage pediatric nursing careers with the IPN's Campaign for Pediatric Nursing! Use the IPN's Kick-Start Your Pediatric Nursing Career and order buttons, posters, and more for promoting the specialty. Get resources>>