Certified Nurses Day

About Certified Nurses Day

Each year on March 19th, certified nurses are honored with their own special day of recognition. The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board supports this important event and has joined the Certified Nurses Day Coalition.

Why March 19th? March 19th is the birthday of Margretta "Gretta" Madden Styles, EdD, RN, FAAN (1903-2005). Known as the "Mother of Nurse Credentialing," Styles was a visionary scholar with an international impact on the nursing profession. The thousands of certified nurses in the U.S. today and the growing role of certification in contributing to better patient outcomes are a lasting testament to her legacy.

If you're certified, we hope you enjoy your special day! And if you're thinking about certification, we invite you to learn more about becoming board certified in your pediatric specialty, or PNCB's program for no-risk CPN certification, No Pass, No Pay.

Certified Nurses Day Resources


Download a free poster to celebrate Certified Nurses Day. The posters are available in three different sizes. Please note: the quality of the posters, particularly the large size (18 x 24), is better if it is downloaded and printed by a print shop or copy center.

8.5 x 11"
11 x 17"
18 x 24"

Free notecards are also available to give to your nurses on Certified Nurses Day. These notecards are compatiable with Avery 3266 stock.

"Thank You" Notecard
"Congratulations" Notecard

How to Celebrate: For Nurses

There are many ways you can increase awareness of Certified Nurses Day and keep alive the tradition that Dr. Styles helped start:

• Ask your employer to establish a Wall of Distinction to recognize
PNCB-certified staff.

• Share best practices for creating a culture of certification.

• Ask your employer if you can set up an educational presentation about PNCB certification with our free materials.

• Wear your PNCB lapel pin with pride and let others know the value of your certification accomplishment.

• Work with your administration to launch a mentoring program to share your experiences regarding the value of certification, continuing education, career goals and dealing with challenges.

• Share your photo and story on our Celebrating Your Achievement webpage.

How to Celebrate: For Employers & Supervisors

Employers and directors can show their support with a variety of activities to honor certified staff:

• Display plaques, photos and Walls of Distinction in your facility to honor nurses and help the public learn about what it means to have certified nurses on staff.

• Hold a certification fair and invite certified nurses to take a leading role in the event.

• Host a luncheon, dessert break or tea in honor of certified nurses.

• Place announcements and signs throughout your facility to show support for your certified staff.

Be sure to check out our Employer Spotlight to see what other facilities are doing to promote certification and demonstrate that they value their certified workforce.

Free Materials to Share

Whether you are planning a certification fair or just want to spread the word about PNCB certification, we've got the materials you need! Simply complete this online form with your requests and the number of brochures or posters you'd like and we'll mail these to you.

Whether you're a nurse or an employer, our Employer's Guide to Supporting Certification is filled with tips for hospitals and nursing leadership... Tips on why Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN®) certification is important and why it should be recognized.

PNCB offers a comprehensive Guide to CPN Certification PowerPoint that explains why and how to certify with preparation tips and more.

Note: To guarantee delivery by Certified Nurses Day (March 19), please submit your order for free certification materials and giveaways at least 10 business days before March 19. All orders placed in less than 10 business days will be fulfilled as promptly as possible, but delivery by Certified Nurses Day is not guaranteed. Please place your order early and include any mail stops/codes so the package is routed properly at your facility. PNCB ships most materials via USPS Priority Mail. Large packages may be shipped FedEx.

Certification Resources

For more about how certification makes a difference... read one nurse's story about why she decided to become certified or see the following resources:

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PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the U.S. and beyond.
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