PMHS Referral Rewards

Earn rewards when you encourage colleagues to seek PMHS certification!

PNCB exam candidates are in the essential workforce category for Prometric testing centers. Find links to Prometric updates here, such safe distancing policies, site openings / seat capacity statuses, and FAQs.

PMHS Colleague Referral Program

As a PMHS, you have the unique opportunity to share firsthand how validating your expertise has made a difference...

  • For You
  • For Your Practice
  • For the Families You Serve

More PMHSs in the United States means less stigma and faster access to care. Many PMHSs report more confident practice. Increasing the number of PMHSs also means increased understanding and recognition of your specialized credential.


  • Receive a $50 Visa gift card for each PMHS applicant who tests (pass or fail) - no limit to the number of colleagues you can refer*

How the program works

  • Encourage colleagues to apply.
  • Tell them to enter your name and email address in the application's colleague referral section. Referrals cannot be applied retroactively.
  • After the referred colleagues take the exam, PNCB notifies you of your total rewards and confirms your email address for sending the gift card.
  • PNCB sends your gift card.
  • *Review course instructors, PNCB board members, and PNCB staff are not eligible for rewards. 

Tips on referring colleagues

  1. Identify potential PMHS applicants in your network. Who has a passion for helping children with these concerns? Who asks about your PMHS certification? Who might benefit from preparing for the exam or validating their expertise?
  2. Tell why you got PMHS certified. Sharing your story is the most powerful testimony. These success stories may help too.
  3. Give examples of benefits. How has PMHS certification impacted your practice? Do you feel more confident? Has it garnered you more respect, opened doors to more resources, or fostered increased collaboration? Does your practice receive more referrals? Did you get a raise or new job? Are you able to attend an additional conference?
  4. Talk about what PMHS is and isn't. PMHS won't change state prescriptive authority and usually doesn't change how you bill. PNCB is happy to help address these questions too.
  5. Share employer support strategies. Did your employer pay for your exam? What about recertification or conferences to support PMHS content? At a minimum, colleagues should provide employers with a description of the credential to be added to the practice website after passing.
  6. Tell them how to get started. Refer them to PNCB's website for steps to prepare and apply or request free exam brochures.
  7. Follow up. Check back in a few weeks to inquire if they applied and if they have any questions. If they didn't apply, this follow-up can serve as a reminder or an opportunity to discuss barriers.

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing information about PMHS certification. For more information about this program or any PMHS certification question, contact so we can help.

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